Residential Install

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Our ‘Standard’ Synthetic Grass Install begins with the DigoutSynthetic Grass Melbourne: Hand excavated front yard at 80mm with fall away from house.

Time and care is taken to dig out the area to the right depth whilst taking into account the topography of the landscape and the necessary fall levels required for water drainage.

Taking these aspects into account at the dig out stage will ensure that an even thickness of crushed rock base will be maintained throughout the area and as a result maximum structural integrity will be achieved – or in other words, a rock hard base that will ensure you can enjoy your synthetic grass area for years to come.

 Progresses on to the Foundations or the ‘Base Work’

Synthetic Grass Melbourne: Crushed rock base work at 75mm, hand screeded to perfection. The old saying that “only a fool would build his house on sand” applies to base work.

Granted, we use crushed rock as the bulk of our base and we certainly don’t build on sand, but having said this if your base is too thin for the type of  ‘traffic’ passing over your synthetic grass area, it may as well be.

We offer two types of base work:Synthetic Grass Melbourne: Crushed rock base work for naturestrip at 125mm (100mm crushed rock + 25mm stone dust).

1) 80mm crushed rock and stone dust base that is ideal for a synthetic grass area that will have only foot traffic and no cars passing over it or being parked on the area.

2) 125mm crushed rock and stone dust base that accommodates heavy foot traffic and some car traffic. This thickness of base is ideal for nature strip areas or front yards that will have cars parked on them.

Once the appropriate thickness of your base has been sorted, let us screed & sculpt a beautiful, organic and functional base that will serve as the perfect level for your synthetic grass to go down on. We enjoy this part!

 Followed up by the really satisfying part of putting the Grass downSynthetic Grass Melbourne: Laying & Joining grass at a kindergarten centre (#Extra Stong Joins)..

As synthetic grass installers who have been in the game for a while with a combined experience of over fifteen years, you can rest assured that over this time we have tried, tested and installed pretty much all the synthetic grasses on the market.

We have managed to distill down the bulk and present to you what we believe is the best selection of grasses on the current market, taking into account the overall aesthetics, backing used, fiber quality, and fiber count per square centimeter ratio.

This means you get the most lush, natural looking and hard wearing grass around.

Synthetic Grass Melbourne: Residential job joined, pegged, sanded & cut in with a surgeons precision. We take pride and care in creating the most seamless joins humanly possible and in doing so we utilise a sturdy backing tape which we then carefully trowel heavy duty glue onto.

This means that no mater how many lengths of synthetic grass needed for your space, you can rest assured that the result will be a solid and tight unit that looks great.

A keen eye and a steady surgeons hand is needed to cut and nick your grass into shape & time and care is taken to trim in the perimeter, sculpt around any pipes, hot water units, posts, fences, water features, water tanks, & pools. We Really enjoy this part!!!

 Finally, the all important Sanding and Pegging phase:Synthetic Grass Joined with Specialised Adhesive - Peninsula Synthetic Grass

The sand we use is specialised kiln dried and extra fine which serves various purposes. First and foremost it provides extra weight to secure the grass down to the base.

Secondly we brush the sand so it settles between the grass fibers and assists them to stand as tall and upright as possible.

Thirdly the sand acts as a barrier that prevents the topside of you grass backing from receiving any UV rays from the sun which ultimately can cause shrinkage and deterioration.